We offer a full range of services for the successful and problem-free functioning of a building, regardless of the scope and functionality of the particular estate – from payment of all public utilities’ fees to the timely payment of the local taxes and fees for the real estate.

We take care of cleaning and repair and pay regular visits to see if it is operating properly. Besides, we provide services such as opening of new batch for electricity, water supply, telephone, submission of tax returns, as well as:


  • Providing of 24-hour security;
  • Providing of Security Alarm Equipment for separate sites;
  • Construction of video-intercom system whenever necessary;
  • Organizing access control, appointing a door-keeper;
  • Maintenance of all systems in the buildings, such as: heating, ventilation, conditioning, fire alarm and fire extinguishing, electric installation, water and sewerage, lifts, etc.;
  • Control of the observation of the internal rules of the building;
  • Cleaning of the common parts of the real estate;
  • Laying out lawns and maintenance of facilities, lanes, flower beds, outdoor swimming pools, etc.
  • Renovation and maintenance of facades;

 Your only obligation would be the payment of an annual fee to us, which depends on the type and location of the real estate.