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GBS Imoti AD


 We in „GBS Imoti” believe that every building operates like a living organism and if only a single one of its systems does not function well, all other systems suffer as a result. We know that real estate management is linked to the relations with landlords, tenants, suppliers of services for the building facilities, visitors, insurers, banks, who, on their part, include the respective operative, financial, marketing, legal, maintenance-related aspects of such activity.

The management of such complex structure may seem to be unattainable but our team has got the necessary mechanisms of control and management of such processes. No matter if it is an office, commercial, industrial/logistic building or a building with combined designation.

And since no organism is a complete replica of any other one, no universal working plan exists which we could offer unaltered to different customers. We will meet you in order to adapt the plan to your individual needs. No matter if it is an issue of current management or development of your project from its initial phase.

We may help you with:

  • Advertizing and effective inspections of the real estate;
  • Letting the real estate and legal procedures related to the transaction;
  • Insurance of the estate if required by either party;
  • Agency for settling the relations with the electricity and water suppliers - „Elektrorazpredelenie”, „Sofiyska voda”, and other communal companies, as well as payment of the different consumables, associated with the use of the rented estate;
  • Maintenance and control of the operation of the real estate;
  • Payment of amounts to suppliers in due time;
  • Repair of damages. Maintenance, refurbishment and minor repairs of the estate;
  • Cleaning after tenants leave the estate;
  • Representing the owner before the state institutions, municipal bodies, tax offices and other legal entities and natural persons, including the general assembly of all owners of the building, according to the specific powers;
  • Ensuring correct receiving of the rent and 100% guarantee for rent payment and payment for consumables;